Strategic Plan & Master Plans

The future of Five Rivers MetroParks relies on an engaged, active community.


For more than 50 years, Five Rivers MetroParks has provided the region with high-quality parks, programs, outdoor experiences and facilities. Five Rivers MetroParks appreciates all of the citizens of Montgomery County, who support us with the property tax levy that constitutes the bulk of our funding, and we are committed to being a responsible steward of these funds.

Park Site Plans

As the next step in implementing its 10-year comprehensive master plan, Five Rivers MetroParks is developing site plans for each of its parks and facilities.

Five Rivers MetroParks is inviting the community to review and comment on draft site plans for five of its park locations during open houses this May and June. In addition, the community is invited to vote on the names of Five Rivers MetroParks’ future park destinations, located at Medlar conservation area and the Wetland Mitigation Bank/former Larch Tree golf course.

More open houses are planned for the remaining facilities. Check back on Oct. 2 when the next round of online surveys will be available.

2016-2026 Comprehensive Master Plan

Five Rivers MetroParks has developed a 10-year comprehensive master plan to guide the future of its parks, facilities and services and will ensure its resources are aligned with current and future trends, community values and Montgomery County’s changing demographics. Development of the plan began in early 2015 and involved extensive research and community input, including a statistically valid survey, public meetings, interviews, focus groups, intercept surveys and online comments.

“The comprehensive master plan provides direction to Five Rivers MetroParks in serving as the region’s conservation leader, connecting people to nature and active lifestyles, and ensuring Five Rivers MetroParks remains a major source of pride, vehicle for placemaking and an economic catalyst for the region,” said Becky Benná, Five Rivers MetroParks executive director.

“World-class communities have world-class parks, trails, natural areas and park-related attractions,” Benná added. “People who live in world-class communities have a high quality of life, along with diverse opportunities to connect with nature and enjoy active, healthy outdoor lifestyles. World-class communities also understand these outdoor amenities are key to creating the type of vibrant place where people want to live, work and play. Five Rivers MetroParks’ comprehensive master plan ensures Montgomery County is just that type of community.”

Five Rivers MetroParks is also in the process of becoming accredited by the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA). This commission oversees a systematic evaluation of a park agency’s management and operation practices in 10 major categories of best practice standards. It is a quality assurance and improvement process that demonstrates Five Rivers MetroParks’ commitment of excellence to the community and its volunteers, partners and staff. The completion of the comprehensive master plan is a key part of this accreditation, which Five Rivers MetroParks is on track to achieve this year. Indianapolis-based PROS Consulting worked with Five Rivers MetroParks to develop the comprehensive 10-year master plan.

The consultant’s top 10 recommendations were:


  • Maintain what Five Rivers MetroParks owns
  • Preserve land to protect air and water quality
  • Protect the value of fish and wildlife habitat


  • Maximize use of parks and facilities through dynamic programming
  • Create health and wellness opportunities within parks

Parks and Connections

  • Enhance the connections between parks and the urban core
  • Link the inner ring of community parks
  • Connect urban and community parks to the rest of the region

Finance and Economy

  • Position Five Rivers MetroParks as a driver of economic development
  • Develop a financially sustainable system that can achieve the vision

View the complete 2016-2026 Comprehensive Master Plan.

2014-2018 Strategic Plan

In response to the changing economic times, our staff has become more creative and resourceful in diversifying our income stream and conducting business in new, more-sustainable ways. Five Rivers MetroParks also developed a five-year strategic plan to focus our work and priorities. Together, this allows us to continue our commitment to maintaining the high-quality parks, programs and services that the community deserves. The intent of the plan is to accomplish the following:

1. Establish clear direction for the next five years.
2. Align the organization’s resources with its strategic direction.
3. Focus on community engagement to guide the plan.
4. Drive innovation, leadership and teamwork as part of the organization’s culture.

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