Learn how you can experience the outdoors through a variety of programs.

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MetroParks programs allow you to master new skills, learn about the natural world and appreciate the value of open spaces.

Sessions include instruction and skill-building in such areas as raising your own food, tree identification, paddling and mountain biking. You will learn the basics of an outdoor activity and practice with a pro until you are confident enough to go it alone.

MetroParks programming is also designed to surprise and delight and inspire further exploration of our natural and cultural world. We do this through storytelling — whether it’s volunteers describing the creatures in the Butterfly House or informational signs that illustrate special park features, flora and fauna. MetroParks also spreads the message of conservation in the community through outreach, visiting schools and civic groups and hosting field trip and tour groups.

These programs encourage people to get some fresh air while developing a fresh perspective. They also help Dayton-area residents join a multigenerational community of people who have a personal connection to nature; live active, healthy lifestyles; and have a deep commitment to the environment.

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