Abbreviated Rules & Regulations

To ensure your safety and enjoyment and that of other park visitors, and for the safety and protection of MetroParks facilities, follow these rules:

  • Accidents must be reported to park rangers if property damage or personal injury is involved. To report violations, call Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at (937) 225-HELP (4357). In an emergency, dial 911.
  • Pets (where permitted) must be on a leash that is no longer than 8 feet.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited without a permit.
  • Do not litter.
  • Fires are permitted only in grills and designated areas.
  • Do not bring firewood to any MetroPark facility.
  • Damaging, disturbing or removing any part of the park district, including plants, tree limbs, rocks and leaves, is prohibited.
  • Motorized vehicles are allowed only on roads and in parking lots.
  • Music must remain at a low volume so as to not disturb others.
  • Release of animals prohibited.
  • Do not approach or disturb wildlife.


Dogs on leashes are permitted at all MetroParks with the exceptions of Aullwood Garden, the gardens at Wegerzyn Gardens and the farm complexes at Possum Creek and Carriage Hill MetroParks. Leashes may be no longer than 8 feet. Dog droppings must be removed from trails. Please do not bring pets to public programs unless the program specifies that pets are welcome.

Releasing and Feeding Wildlife

Whether domestic or wild, animals may not be released or abandoned in MetroParks. In addition, MetroParks asks visitors to refrain from feeding wildlife. Research has shown this can produce unhealthy conditions and disrupt natural behavior. Help our creatures stay wild and healthy by not feeding them.


The general public is permitted, with restrictions, to collect a limited number of fossils.

View the Fossil Collecting Policy.


Geocaching is an activity using GPS units to locate hidden treasures.

View the Geocaching Policy.

Photos & Videos

As a participant in a Five Rivers MetroParks program/event or when using one of its public parks or facilities, you may be photographed or videotaped by Five Rivers MetroParks or its assigns and transferees. Through your participation you are granting permission to Five Rivers MetroParks to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically with or without your name and for any lawful purpose, including, for example, publicity, illustrations, advertising, program guides, brochures, newsletters, email, digital media boards, websites, social media, news releases or other promotional materials.

Professional photographers and organizations must obtain permission from Five Rivers MetroParks prior to taking photos or video in the parks.  If you are receiving payment for your services or intend to sell or otherwise receive compensation for photographic images or multimedia captured in any of the Five Rivers MetroParks, a permit is required.  Photography permits (for commercial still photography) may be obtained online at  Multimedia permits (for recording, reproducing or broadcasting moving visual images) may be obtained by submitting a permit application at

View the Photography Policy.

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