Originally conceived by African American historian Carter G. Woodson and prominent minister Jesse E. Moorland, Black History Month was intended as a way of celebrating and remembering the history of Black Americans and their often-forgotten roles in the history of our country.   In 1915, a half century after the ratification of the 13th Amendment abolished […]

Welcome MetroParks Monthly, a round up of programs, events and other happenings for February 2023. Whether you are a parent of little ones who love to explore or an outdoor recreationalist looking to build your skills, you’ll find happenings every month just for you in Five Rivers MetroParks. Take a deeper dive into your areas […]

Guest blogger: Sustainability Manager Tim Pritchard The Miami Valley has seen a relatively mild winter in 2022-2023, although the cold snap that occurred around the holidays brought extreme cold temperatures and windchill, which was for many, a harsh reminder of how quickly energy bills can spike and living/working conditions can deteriorate during such weather events. […]

You may have noticed that Ohio sure has some wacky winter weather. Have you ever wondered how the ice rink stays solid, even on those warmer days? Even though the MetroParks Ice Rink is a natural ice surface, our awesome park staff works with various equipment to keep the ice solid and smooth. The ice […]

Winter is a crucial time for gardeners. It’s a time to regroup from the previous season and prepare for the coming spring. Taking advantage of off-season educational resources, tool maintenance, and time for planning is a must. There are many gardening blogs that can offer up tips and ideas for gardening DIY projects. Check out […]

Eating a healthier diet is a frequently mentioned New Year’s resolution. With prices at the grocery store increasing, growing your own fresh produce is a great way to put that healthy goal within reach, while also getting out to enjoy fresh air and physical activity. Growing fresh produce doesn’t seem like something that would be […]

Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark has a new horticulturist, Allison Bush. Allison joined Five Rivers MetroParks in 2019 as the Urban Zone Horticulturist. She holds a degree in horticulture and is an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist. Allison has worked in both the private and public sectors of the Green Industry for over 20 years. She […]

Five Rivers MetroParks is accepting nominations for its eighth annual OUTStanding Teacher Award, open to Dayton-area classroom educators who teach any subject from pre-K through high school. Nominations are due Jan. 31, 2023. A winner will be selected from each of the following categories: Rising Star (less than 10 years of teaching experience) Leader (10 […]

For the second year in a row, winter’s flip-flopping temps and wet weather have probably resulted in many of your favorite natural surface trails being muddy. When this happens, regional park manager Mike Osborne encourages parkgoers to avoid these trails or take your adventures to the region’s many paved trails. “When there are muddy patches […]

Perhaps the most underrated outdoor adventure season, winter is still a great time to explore the outdoors. Beautiful land formations, habitats and wildlife are on full display since there’s less foliage on the trees. Your family can do and explore so many things, you just need to  bundle up and plan ahead. Additionally, staying active […]

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