Education Kit Rentals

Families, local educators and youth group leaders can borrow a variety of hands-on education kits for use with children in grades K-12. These kits provide teaching tools to help kids explore history, nature and conservation subjects through hands-on experiments and activities. Kits include activities, equipment, a list of supplies needed (where applicable) and a resource list.

  • Education kits are loaned free-of-charge.
  • Education kits are generally loaned for a two-week period and designed for up to 20 children, with sharing of equipment.


Explore the lives of the birds that fly our skies! This kit includes field guides, bird song CDs and books on a variety of bird subjects, from bird biology to artwork. Feather specimens, nests (robin and hummingbird), an owl wing and talon and a Cooper’s hawk wing and talon also are included, to bring the study of birds to life in your classroom!

Subject: Science          Appropriate Grades: K-12          Contents: PDF

Farm and Agriculture

This kit is for home-school instructors, classroom teachers and scout leaders to use with students who want to learn about farming and agriculture. Learn about the species, breeds and uses of farm animals as well as the different types of grains, crops, fruits and vegetables. It includes complete hands-on activities exploring the properties of corn and sheep’s wool and creating a mock farm.

Subject: Science          Appropriate Grades: TBA          Contents: PDF


Become a forest ecologist! Learn about the lifecycle of an Ohio forest; investigate the complex interdependence of organic and inorganic elements within a forest; and determine what humans can do to protect forests. The forest ecology kit includes videos, posters, books, scientific tools and natural artifacts to guide exploration.

Subject: Science          Appropriate Grades: K-12          Contents: PDF

Hopewell Culture

Learn about the Hopewell mounds found in Ohio. Students use replica artifacts, worksheets, personal experience, and their hands to learn about the Hopewell culture. Through practicing archaeology techniques and making crafts they gain an understanding of the past of this continent. Directions are included along with worksheets and other activities to help you along the way.

Subject: Social Studies         Appropriate Grades: K-8          Contents: PDF


Learn to identify mammals commonly found in Ohio. Students use furs, scat replicas, skulls and tracking stencils to learn about the mammals found right in their backyards! Directions are included to make your own plaster casts of mammal tracks.

Subject: Science          Appropriate Grades: K-8          Contents: PDF

Ohio Fossils

Fossils give us clues about the animals and plants that lived in the past. Learn to identify samples of fossils commonly found in southwestern Ohio, and learn about the geological timeline. Directions are included to make your own replicas of fossils using molds and plaster. Activities are broken down into three class ranges.

Subject: Science          Appropriate Grades: K-8          Contents: PDF


Students of all ages will learn why pollinators are crucial to human health. They will explore through provided lesson plans and citizen science activities! This kit includes insect nets, magnifying lenses, field-guides and story books. There will also be instructions on how to raise a butterfly; this will allow the students to see the lifecycle first hand.

Subject: Science          Appropriate Grades: K-12          Contents: PDF

Soil and Composting

The materials in this kit will make it easy for your kids to become soil scientists. Included are directions for easy soil tests and experiments, instructions for creating and studying compost and fun activities for studying the creatures that live underground. Follow-up activities also allow students to apply their knowledge and find solutions to real-world gardening problems.

Subject: Science          Appropriate Grades: K-8          Contents: PDF

Wetlands and Aquatics

Are you pondering what might live in a pond? This kit provides tools and activity ideas for a hands-on investigation of the plants and animals that make the pond their home, including aquatic insect identification, ponds throughout the season and more. Information is also included about the value of wetlands and the important job they do to help humans and wildlife. An activity binder arranged by grade level is included, along with other classroom resources.

Subject: Science          Appropriate Grades: K-12          Contents: PDF

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