Five Rivers MetroParks appreciates all of the citizens of Montgomery County, who support us with the property tax levy that constitutes the bulk of our funding, and we are committed to being a responsible steward of these funds.

The majority of Five Rivers MetroParks’ funding comes from a property tax levy supported by Montgomery County taxpayers. Five Rivers MetroParks takes its responsibility as a steward of the public’s funds very seriously and is committed to providing quality and value for the community.

It has become increasingly critical that Five Rivers MetroParks diversify its revenue streams to fill the gap created by eroding property tax revenue and state incomes. Taxpayer dollars need to be supplemented for us to continue to provide and improve the high-quality parks and programs our community deserves. Therefore, Five Rivers MetroParks is increasingly focused on developing new partnerships and implementing efficiencies and cost reductions that maximize levy dollars and create more-balanced and sustainable finances.


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