Published August 7, 2020

MetroParks and Nature Cat are headed to summer camp and you’re invited!

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Five Rivers MetroParks and local PBS station, ThinkTV, are co-presenting a virtual Explore the Outdoors Nature Camp with PBS Kids show Nature Cat. The six-day, educational camp starts airing on ThinkTV’s Facebook and online Monday, Aug. 10,  at 10 a.m. and will continue through Saturday, Aug. 15. Episodes explore Dayton’s natural spaces, parks, wildlife and more.

Explore the Outdoors Nature Camp features appearances from MetroParks educators and characters from Nature Cat. The PBS Kids show Nature Cat follows Fred, a housecat who dreams of exploring the great outdoors. Once his family leaves for the day, Fred transforms into Nature Cat and embarks on adventures full of outdoor investigation.

Monday, Aug. 10: Getting Ready for Camp

Meet camp counselor, Ava, and learn to make a nature observation journal and binoculars that you can use at camp all week long!

Tuesday, Aug. 11: Exploring Creeks

Discover where creeks begin, then follow a stream to see what lives there. Check in with some beavers who build dams, watch Erin and Joshua try to float boats and learn to build your own boats!

Wednesday, Aug. 12: Exploring the Forest

Forests are ecosystems that can be found almost everywhere. Learn about ecosystems, take a walk in a forest, find a forest in a city, do nature crafts and go mountain biking!

Thursday, Aug. 13: Art in Nature

Nature is so creative! Explore the art of patterns, shapes and colors found in nature. Play a nature observation game, see birds as artists and their nests as works of art, create beautiful nature art, learn to make paint brushes from items found outdoors, and take a hike to observe art in nature!

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Friday, Aug. 14: Nature in the City

Explore nature in the city and explore city gardens, learn to build a composter, see a terrarium craft, walk through a conservatory and visit a national park!

Saturday, Aug. 15: Animal Ambassadors

Meet some of the animals that live in our forests, learn ways they communicate, and get to see many of them up close! We’ll take a virtual tour of the Ohio Wildlife Center where wild animals are rescued and rehabilitated, and we will talk about bird watching and camping as ways to observe wildlife up close.

ThinkTV and Five Rivers MetroParks’ Explore the Outdoors Nature Camp, featuring Nature Cat, will be made available nationwide starting Aug. 10. The next phase of the initiative will be to incorporate the content into lesson plans for educators.

Post-camp fun:

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