Five Rivers MetroParks’ 2nd Street Market has reopened as an outdoor, fresh food shopping venue. Until further notice, the Market will be open only on Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM, rain or shine. Shoppers will need to plan ahead, as a number of precautions will be in place to slow the spread of COVID-19. […]

The spectacular meteor shower the Perseids will light up this sky this week. According to astronomers, stargazers can expect to see anywhere from 15 to 20 meteors an hour on a clear night. The Perseid meteors are small specks of ice and dust that come from the tail of Comet Swift-Tuttle. Named after the constellation […]

A celebration of the arts, Virtual Art in the City features local artists, musicians, performances and more. MetroParks invites you to look at nature through an artistic lens. Learn about local wildlife and join us in creating crafts that encourage sustainability and use of natural materials. Get a sneak peek at some of your favorite […]

Five Rivers MetroParks and local PBS station, ThinkTV, are co-presenting a virtual Explore the Outdoors Nature Camp with PBS Kids show Nature Cat. The six-day, educational camp starts airing on ThinkTV’s Facebook and online Monday, Aug. 10,  at 10 a.m. and will continue through Saturday, Aug. 15. Episodes explore Dayton’s natural spaces, parks, wildlife and […]

  For many, hiking is a family affair that includes little ones who may be hitting the trails for the first time. What children may lack in stride and stamina, they certainly make up for in curiosity — making hiking the perfect opportunity to be active and discover new things in nature. Make the most […]

Head to your backyard, local park or prairie for a Pollinator Scavenger Hunt. Pollinators include insects, such as bees, butterflies and flies. Pollinators also can be mammals, reptiles and birds. Important to the environment and the economy, pollinators ensure habitats are healthy and you have food on your plate. By moving pollen grains from one […]

MetroParks wants to keep you and your family safely engaged with fun, educational programs that help you connect with nature. Developed by MetroParks’ education and recreation staff, new take-home program kits allow families to experience nature on their own time while learning new things and developing new skills. Kits include self-guided activities with nature, outdoor […]

Local gyms have reopened with additional protocols for social distancing and cleaning, but many may still be hesitant to hit the gym as often as they once did. If you want to minimize visits to an enclosed area or are looking for a new, fun way to get moving, look no further than the great […]

  This Saturday, June 27 is International Mud Day and MetroParks is inviting you to celebrate with some at-home activities that will guarantee some good, not-so-clean fun. Mud Day is more than just an excuse to finally splash around in the mud, it’s an opportunity for children to connect to nature and be creative with […]

Updated 8/13/2020 While the 2nd Street Market is currently closed, you can continue to support your favorite local vendors through online sales, gift cards and pick-up purchases. Follow the 2nd Street Market on Facebook for regular updates on how you can still buy your favorite Market products and prepared foods. Azra’s Mediterranean Cuisine (937) 830-3887 […]

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