Published September 28, 2023

31 creative prompts to spark your artistic side this Inktober

This October, your MetroParks are encouraging you to spend some time outside cultivating your creativity. Inktober – ideated nearly 15 years ago – began as a way for artists to practice their inking skills and create positive drawing habits. Inktober challenges those of all skills levels – artists and non-artists – to follow prompts to create one masterpiece a day for 31 days.

Education specialist and Paint-A-Park instructor Mary-Beth developed 31 Inktober prompts you can do at home or in your MetroParks. Be sure to tag us on social media so we can share your incredible creations.

  1. Visit us at Hills & Dales MetroPark from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. for Paint-A-Park to draw and paint the beautiful landscapes.   
  2. Paint a picture of vegetables from the demonstration garden at Possum Creek MetroPark or Carriage Hill MetroPark’s historical farm.
  3. Explore a prairie habitat and draw your favorite plant in as much detail as you can 
  4. Use objects you find in nature like sticks, flowers, grass or pinecones to paint with 
  5. Draw a fossil from Germantown MetroPark
  6. Paint using the rain (or water) to help shape your picture (washable markers or watercolor pencils are good for this) 
  7. Draw a picture of our animal ambassadors at the Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience (Paint-A-Park will be in the children’s tent at 3 p.m. on Saturday) 
  8. Make a sound map near the lagoon at Eastwood MetroPark 
  9. Go on an insect hunt and draw pictures of what you find 
  10. Gather acorns or other nuts and draw funny faces on them 
  11. Get down low and see nature from the perspective of a snake slithering through the forest then draw what you see  
  12. Make a crazy creature out of natural found objects 
  13. Make a leaf rubbing from the trees at Sugarcreek MetroPark 
  14. Visit Carriage Hill MetroPark and paint a picture of fall on the historical farm 
  15. Take a pair of binoculars to Island MetroPark and draw as many birds as you can  
  16. Draw what it would look like to see from a bat’s eyes hanging from a tree 
  17. Find something small and draw it big 
  18. Paint with mud 
  19. Make different animals out of the colorful leaves 
  20. Find a spider web and draw the spider that lives there 
  21. Visit Fall Family Adventure at Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark and do a craft 
  22. Trace the shadows from plants you find at Cox Arboretum MetroPark
  23. Paint what it would look like to see from a fish’s eyes 
  24. Paint a scene from a MetroPark you’ve never been to before 
  25. Draw each letter of your name as a plant or animal from your MetroParks 
  26. Draw your favorite animal from Ohio in a funny costume 
  27. Paint the sunset from the Possum Creek MetroPark prairie 
  28. Go for a slow hike and draw the eyes of the animals you see — they see you too! 
  29. Nature is everywhere — visit a cemetery and do head stone rubbings 
  30. Make suet cakes full of bird seed and leave them out as treats for our bird friends — draw what you see and remember to take pictures! 
  31. Draw your favorite costume you saw while trick or treating 

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