Published January 18, 2023

The Science Behind the Ice

Heads up! This article was published 1 year ago.

You may have noticed that Ohio sure has some wacky winter weather. Have you ever wondered how the ice rink stays solid, even on those warmer days? Even though the MetroParks Ice Rink is a natural ice surface, our awesome park staff works with various equipment to keep the ice solid and smooth. The ice that comprises the rink is cooled using a refrigeration system which uses ammonia as the refrigerant, which operates on a cycle. Thanks to this refrigeration cycle, guests can still skate on the ice even on days when the temperatures reach the 50s (or sometimes higher!).

Additionally, our handy Zamboni resurfaces the ice daily to ensure a smooth and safe ice experience. You may even catch our park technicians operating the Zamboni during your visit and watch the magic unfold! Keep in mind, extended warm temperatures, wind, and precipitation can play a role in our ability to keep the ice frozen solid. On warmer days, or in cases of inclement weather, you can always check the ice rink page on this website, our Facebook page for delays or cancellations. You may also call (937) 278-2607 for the current rink status before your visit.

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