Five Rivers MetroParks is hosting an intensive ecological survey of bat species in multiple MetroParks this August. This survey – also referred to as a bat blitz – is the first of its kind in Ohio and includes a number of researchers from organizations across Ohio and Indiana. The bat blitz will be held overnight, […]

Head to your backyard, local park or prairie for a Pollinator Scavenger Hunt. Pollinators include insects, such as bees, butterflies and flies. Pollinators also can be mammals, reptiles and birds. Important to the environment and the economy, pollinators ensure habitats are healthy and you have food on your plate. By moving pollen grains from one […]

April is Ohio Native Plant Month, the perfect occasion to learn more about the importance of these beautiful, important flowers, shrubs and trees. Adapted to the environment in which they grow, native plants provide the perfect food and shelter for wildlife. Many native plants are also critical to pollinators — animals and insects that cause […]

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