Here’s to Another Ice Rink Season!   Whether you came to ice skate, participated in a sport league or just came to spectate with hot cocoa, we are grateful for every visitor who chose to spend time with us this season. While we had some wonky weather at times, we are beyond thankful for the community’s […]

Witch hazels are flowering plants boasting warm colors that also have medicinal properties. There are four main species – American witch hazel (H. virginiana), Chinese witch hazel (H. mollis), Ozark witch hazel (H. vernalis) and Japanese witch hazel (H. japonica) – and hundreds of cultivars (plant varieties that have been cultivated through selected breeding). These […]

Each year, Five Rivers MetroParks volunteers monitor 48 bluebird boxes throughout nine MetroParks. Why do we monitor bluebirds? In the 1890s, House Sparrows and European Starlings found their way to the United States, competing with existing bluebirds for nesting sites. This bird boom and loss of habitat due to increased development meant that, by the […]

If you’re looking for a fun, easy way to give back to nature and help the environment, participating in citizen science can be the perfect answer. Citizen science is research conducted voluntarily by the public to address real-world problems. These projects can be local or international.  Citizen science allows participants to give back to nature […]

Below you’ll find a list of programs and events for all ages, from children to lifelong learners, in addition to MetroParks must-dos, sustainability tips and information on what’s growing in the parks this month. Take a deeper dive into your areas of interest by signing up for MetroParks’ email newsletters and following Five Rivers MetroParks […]

While the holidays may be behind us, there is still plenty of fun to be had this winter here at Dayton’s Front Porch! The MetroParks Ice Rink is open seven days a week through March 1. You can stay warm in our cozy Comfort Tent, presented by Butler Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing or under […]

This gallery collects artist submissions from the Paint-A-Park program at the Twin Valley Welcome Center in Germantown MetroPark, January 2024. The Paint-A-Park program helps to amplify voices and perspectives that often go unheard by giving all participants the opportunity to share their art on our digital gallery. Each piece submitted is a representation of what […]

Friday lunch hour programs at the 2nd Street Market The 2nd Street Market regularly hosts a variety of fun and informative series during the Friday lunch hour. Join us each Friday for a variety of different topics of interest. Friday lunch hour series are free and include: Family Storytime with FRMP educator Suzy Kruger. Suzy […]

Chemistry teacher, coach, college athlete and professional climber Eddie Taylor is challenging people to take a different look at their perceived limitations by finding fulfillment, community and joy in the outdoors.   Taylor is one of three featured speakers at The Adventure Summit, presented by Wagner Subaru, on Friday, Feb. 9, from 5 to 9:30 p.m. […]

Winter weather is in full effect, with snow falling and temperatures below freezing. Wildlife have prepared for the coldest season of the year by growing thick coats of fur and storing food – and you should be prepared, too. Five Rivers MetroParks’ Chief of Public Safety Mark Hess offers several tips to help you stay […]

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