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Five Rivers MetroParks strives to be an active force in the community. Below, you may find our press releases, staff articles and other messages that get picked up by the media.

Like Audrey II in the movie “Little Shop of Horrors,” the callery pear tree is like an alien pod bent on taking over the world — well, if not the world, at least large swaths of our forests, grasslands, and parks. But University of Dayton master’s student Meg Maloney is determined to stop the spread […]

Indicators of climate change are in our faces like never before. Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods and droughts are becoming more common and more intense. The ocean is warming at a rate 24 percent faster than normal and that rate is expected to rise. The average sea level is six to eight inches higher than it was in […]

Paul E. Knoop Jr. Prairie. Photo courtesy of Aullwood Audubon. UPDATED SEPTEMBER 6, 2019: In Five Rivers MetroParks’ continuing discussions with the city of Dayton, the city informed MetroParks the proposed development at Knoop Prairie will not move forward. MetroParks will continue to engage the city in discussions to protect the prairie. Read more about Five Rivers MetroParks’ […]

The Five Rivers Metroparks conservation team went on insect patrol in late July and found two rare dragon and damselfly species at the Great Miami Mitigation bank. MaLisa Spring, a dragonfly expert from the Museum of Biological Diversity in Columbus, joined the search and was thrilled when the group spotted a large population of Paiute […]

A new Ohio law doesn’t make it a crime to plant non-native flowers, trees or shrubs, but Amy Sellers hopes it will make people think twice about what they’re putting in their yards and gardens. “I’m kind of a native plant dork,” says Sellers, a horticulture technician at Cox Arboretum MetroPark. And she hopes that House […]

Megan Rude has cool superpowers: She saves trees, counts deer and hears ultrasonic bat calls. The Five Rivers MetroParks intern is actually part of a MetroParks team that inoculates trees against the emerald ash borer, and she places cameras that monitor deer for the park system’s annual population survey.The high-frequency bat calls? They’re recorded with […]

The tree will tell you when it’s ready for its shot, thank you very much. Five Rivers MetroParks Conservation Supervisor Meredith Cobb and her team of technicians are beginning this summer’s emerald ash borer treatments, but as the temperature climbs or the humidity falls, the treatment window gets narrower. “You have to use a lot […]

The Great Miami Mitigation Bank is a literal field day for local college students. While University of Dayton Ph.D. student Michaela Woods is leading a research team working to restore the health of 30 acres of soil at the 360-acre site, Wittenberg University Associate Professor Dr. Amber Burgett and two of her advanced biology students […]

Some people bystand. Other people jump in lakes with both feet when a duck needs help. Jeremy Barkley is one of those people. On a brisk day in early April, Barkley — a Notre Dame Mission Volunteers AmeriCorps member serving at Five Rivers MetroParks — was birding at Eastwood MetroPark when he noticed a ring-necked […]

Parks and conservation efforts maintain this natural gem enjoyed by generations of locals. A visit to Hills & Dales Park was an exciting experience for Daytonians when it opened a century ago. With its carefully designed meadows, water and woods, the park was meant to recreate the perfection found in nature and provide a place […]

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