Ranger Complaint & Compliment

Upon submission of a complaint, the following actions will be taken to ensure transparency and accountability:

  • The complaint will be forwarded to a supervisor for investigation.
  • The supervisor will be in contact with you within 3 business days to obtain a statement of facts.
  • The supervisor will contact and interview any witnesses to the incident.
  • The supervisor will gather and review all reports and other information, as well as all audio or video from the in-car camera, body-worn camera, or any other audio or video that may have been recorded and is available to us.
  • The supervisor will obtain a statement from the ranger involved and any other rangers or other law enforcement officers who were on the scene at the time.
  • Based on all the above information, we will determine if the ranger violated any policies or procedures, and if so, determine the appropriate level of corrective action needed.
  • You will be notified in writing of the outcome of the investigation within 60 days of filing the complaint.
  • Ranger Division employees’ rights are safeguarded by union contract.

Complaints may also be sent by USPS or in-person at Ranger Headquarters, 2151 Embury Park Road, Dayton, Ohio, 45414

  • Selection will determine who receives this entry.
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  • eg. name of the ranger and what happened

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