Published April 12, 2024

MetroParks Helps People of All Abilities Access Nature

Your Five Rivers MetroParks are home to more than150 miles of paved and natural surface trails for hiking, cycling, mountain biking and more. The greater Dayton region is home to more than 350 miles of recreation trails – the nation’s largest paved trail network – and 270 miles of river corridor.  

Trails are for everyone. Regardless of your body shape, age, ability, gender or race, MetroParks has trails to help you find your adventure. People who use wheelchairs or other assisted mobility devices will find ADA-accessible parking, restrooms and shelters at many MetroParks, including those highlighted below.   

Carriage Hill MetroPark: Carriage Hill’s ADA-accessible boardwalk and fishing pier at Cedar Lake are located adjacent to parking and a restroom.  

Cox Arboretum MetroPark: ADA-accessible paved paths wind through a variety of scenic features and gardens.  

Eastwood MetroPark (park side): Enjoy a walk along two paved trails to experience nature, with ADA-accessible restrooms near the trail access. 

Englewood MetroPark: Take a walk along the paved Stillwater River trail to experience nature, with ADA-accesible restrooms near the trail access. 

Hills & Dales MetroPark: The boardwalk at Hills & Dales connecting Paw Paw and Dogwood Pond and the paved loop trail around the pond are ADA-accessible. 

Island MetroPark: Paved trails loop around the northern section of the park, providing beautiful views of the river, landscaped beds and more. The park also features ADA-accessible bathrooms and shelters.  

Medlar Conservation Area: The paved 2.25-mile Great-Little Trail allows visitors to experience different habitats, including old growth forests and wetlands. It does include a steep hill as it nears the connection with the paved Great Miami Trail, but it’s still a good option for those ready to take on a little more challenge. 

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Possum Creek MetroPark: The farm and barn at Possum Creek MetroPark are accessible, as are the restrooms at the farm, reservable area, pond lot and the Argonne picnic area. The first fishing pond is connected to the parking lot by a handicapped-accessible asphalt path. 

RiverScape MetroPark: RiverScape MetroPark is located at the hub of the region’s 350-plus miles of paved recreation trail and is wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs are welcome on the ice rink (open the day after Thanksgiving through the end of February), and those who cannot wear skates also can enjoy the rink. The park also has ADA-accesible restrooms. 

Sugarcreek MetroPark: Sugarcreek MetroPark features a level, paved path that begins at the parking lot off Conference Road, which has several handicapped parking spots. The path makes a quarter-mile loop through the scenic prairie, allowing visitors to experience this habitat up close, and travels by a picnic shelter with an accessible table. 

Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark: All pathways in Wegerzyn Garden MetroPark’s formal gardens and the Children’s Discovery Garden are handicapped accessible.  

Download OuterSpatial to access Five Rivers MetroParks’ free mobile app to plan your adventure and navigate the trails. You can find these trail recommendations listed as “outings” in the MetroParks mobile app so you can take this information to the parks with you.  

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