Conservation Kids

Providing children and families inspiration and knowledge to get outside, play in and explore nature - and ultimately become stewards of the environment and advocates for conservation.

Children often are told they can change the world, and these age-appropriate programs will help them do just that. Programs are designed in a series that take children on adventures from discovering nature to protecting it, giving them clear steps to take and opportunities to see the impact. Children and their adult companions will plant for pollinators, collect seeds to plant a forest, create their own wildlife habitat, serve as a naturalist for their classmates, help protect and promote wildlife, and so much more!*

Conservation Kids Levels


Focus: Discover what’s out there in nature and become comfortable outdoors
Activities: Interact with wildlife, play in creeks, go on owl walks and hold crawdads


Focus: Learn to protect the parks, develop ownership, become citizen scientists and give back to nature
Activities: Participate in frog surveys, monitor bluebird boxes, plant seeds


Focus: Share knowledge with the community and become a conservation leader among peers
Activities: Serve as a naturalist with peers and host an event, such as a spider party or backyard bird count, that rallies other kids around conservation and challenges them to get out in nature


Focus: Build conservation into daily activities
Activities: Report results from orange level activity and continue such conservation efforts as creating backyard habitats at home

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