Guest blogger: Sustainability Manager Tim Pritchard Invasive species reduce biodiversity, degrade habitat, and limit the ability of native ecosystems to store carbon, making their removal and replacement an important and impactful conservation action for any who manages land, from backyard to commercial property. Replacing invasives with native species helps to create habitat and mitigate climate […]

Winter is a crucial time for gardeners. It’s a time to regroup from the previous season and prepare for the coming spring. Taking advantage of off-season educational resources, tool maintenance, and time for planning is a must. There are many gardening blogs that can offer up tips and ideas for gardening DIY projects. Check out […]

Eating a healthier diet is a frequently mentioned New Year’s resolution. With prices at the grocery store increasing, growing your own fresh produce is a great way to put that healthy goal within reach, while also getting out to enjoy fresh air and physical activity. Growing fresh produce doesn’t seem like something that would be […]

Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark has a new horticulturist, Allison Bush. Allison joined Five Rivers MetroParks in 2019 as the Urban Zone Horticulturist. She holds a degree in horticulture and is an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist. Allison has worked in both the private and public sectors of the Green Industry for over 20 years. She […]

Fields of bright yellow goldenrod blooms are common this time of year and add not only a great deal of beauty to the early fall landscape, but they are an indispensable ecosystem plant for our region. The sunny blooms of the goldenrod (around 22 species statewide) can be found in forest, prairie, meadow, and urban […]

Picking out pumpkins and decorative squash is a fun way to celebrate the beauty and variety of the vegetables that this season provides. There are so many shapes and colors and lumps and bumps! Many of the squash grown for decoration are dual purpose- they’re pretty, delicious, and depending on the variety, can be stored […]

You can grow cold-season vegetables and herbs outdoors well into the winter if you use the proper tools and growing methods. Many gardeners use floating row cover, old sheets, boxes, cold frames, and cloches to protect their crops from the elements. One of our favorite methods is the cold frame, which helps protect cold hardy […]

With fall just beginning there are lots of gardening tasks to be done to put your plants to bed and get ready for next spring. Below are some ways to enjoy your garden and keep things looking good for the season: Watching and Listening September is the time to watch our pollinators (butterflies, bees, hummingbirds) […]

Winding down, cleaning up, getting ready. Gardening season isn’t over yet! Fall is the time to begin preparing for winter and spring in the garden, but there’s still so much beauty to enjoy. Some annual blossoms are fading, while others like geranium, marigolds and begonias still look fantastic. Don’t forget to save some marigold seed […]

Tomatoes are a favorite in most gardens and kitchens in summer, and June is not too late to get larger plants in the ground and growing. Pick one or two favorite varieties of different types—beefsteak, paste, or cherries—and enjoy the anticipation of that first warm tomato harvested from your very own garden. In our MetroParks […]

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