MoMBA (MetroParks Mountain Biking Area)

The area's first fully sustainable mountain biking trail system designed to IMBA standards

Notice: Trails at MoMBA have returned to two-way flow.

A growing number of Americans are hopping on mountain bikes as a way to connect with the natural world. The MetroParks Mountain Biking Area (MoMBA) at Huffman MetroPark features more than 9 miles of mountain biking trails for all levels of riders, from beginners to the most advanced, through great terrain and natural assets, including beautiful hardwoods, a rock-bottom creek, great hills and rock-filled ridge. The trails at MoMBA are built specifically for mountain bike use. Hiking, walking or running are not permitted on the mountain bike trails.

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Mountain Biking is Part of Conservation

Five Rivers MetroParks sees mountain biking as part of its conservation mission. Today’s sustainable trail design and construction guide mountain bike facility designers to lay out and construct trails that lie on the land lightly, prevent erosion and help manage riders through design. Developed by IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association), the same organization that helped MetroParks design MoMBA, this philosophy of contour trail design (trails that follow the contours of the land rather than simply moving from point A to point B) came about in the Great Depression through organizations such as the Civilian Conservation Corp. But until the 1990s, this method was lost to many trail builders. Using sustainable recreation policies, MetroParks is able to manage the land wisely, while allowing a wide variety of users to enjoy MetroParks and the benefits of active outdoor recreation. Mountain biking allows riders to connect with nature in a new way and become stewards of our land through active use of it.

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Trail Descriptions & Designations

Tot Track - Beginner

Designed specifically for balance bikes, this trail provides future mountain bikers an opportunity to ride on a natural surface that rolls and flows just like traditional single-track trails.

Hilltop Flow Trail - Beginner

Hilltop provides a fun experience for all levels of riders. This flowing trail includes optional progressions to work on the skills needed to ride more difficult trails.

Twisted — Beginner

Twisted was named for a very “twisted” grape vine along the trail. It’s a quick, flowing ride that leads to Five Points Junction. Twisted connects the original trails to the newer Hilltop Flow trail. It is the next level in the progression for new riders ready to move from the wide open tread of Hilltop Flow to the single-track style of the rest of the trails.

Voodoo — Beginner

Voodoo is the least technical and the flattest of the trails, which makes it great for beginners. The optional jump just outbound of Five Points Junction is a great opportunity for more advanced riders on their way to Hawk’s Lair. Voodoo is the quickest route to Wild West Junction.

Mr. Zig Zag — Intermediate

Ride Mr. Zig Zag counterclockwise out of Five Points Junction and get one of the best downhill rides in the park. Ride it clockwise and it’s an uphill challenge. Mr. Zig Zag is one of two true closed loops at MoMBA and one of the coolest ways to ride a mile and end up where you started.

Like the name implies, Mr. Zig Zag winds through the forest without losing or gaining much elevation.

Creekside — Intermediate

Set along both sides of a beautiful rock-bottom creek, Creekside is the longest intermediate trail. It has five creek crossings, two large bridges and many intermediate climbs. New features include a couple of berms designed to allow greater speed through turns.

Upper & Lower Stealth — Intermediate

Upper Stealth is a roller coaster ride with wide sweeping turns leading out of Five Points Junction. Climb back uphill to connect to Creekside or head back to Five Points Junction.

Lower Stealth connects Five Points Junction to Wild West Junction, where advanced riders can access Hawk’s Lair. With tight turns and a few climbs Lower Stealth is a quick, technical trail.

Note: Beginning May 28, 2021, the portion of Upper Stealth along powerlines is closed for repairs. Access points to this section have been taped off.

Hawk's Lair — Advanced

MoMBA’s advanced section, Hawk’s Lair has some of the best rock riding in the state. Exposed by the construction of the nearby Huffman Dam in the 1920s, the rocks at Hawk’s Lair come in many different forms: from cobble to exposed bedrock in the Moonscape to large limestone boulders up on the Hawk’s Lair ridge. But that’s not all. This tricky loop gains 106 feet of elevation in less than 1 mile and sports Hamilton Ravine, a 35-foot deep chasm crossed by a 45-foot fiber polymer bridge and The Spiral, where the trail climbs along a very steep, wooded cliff.

Riding counterclockwise out of Wild West Junction, Hawk’s Lair begins with a climb before descending through tight technical turns.

The Talon — Advanced

This double black diamond trail is designed to challenge the most experienced mountain bikers and is accessed from Hawk’s Lair. The most difficult features at MoMBA are found on The Talon including a long elevated skinny. You’ll know you have what it takes if you can ride up and over the nearly vertical rock at the entrance of the trail.

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