Children's Discovery Garden

Habitat areas and whimsical themed gardens for children and their adult companions to explore together

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Play and learn with us! The Children’s Discovery Garden at Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark is a child-friendly place to discover, experience and love our world through gardening. Divided into three main areas, the garden offers opportunities to play among interesting and whimsical plant displays, learn about Ohio habitats and grow vegetables and other backyard plants.

Things To Do

Sensory Garden

“Shake hands” with the plants in the sensory garden. A variety of furry, smooth, smelly and interesting plants are waiting to excite your senses.

Music Maze

Play a game of musical hide and seek with instruments hidden in the Music Maze.


Design a garden or build anything from your imagination at our sand tables or sandbox.

Fossil Cave

Crawl through the cave and find fossils of creatures that lived here long ago.

Water Features

Experience water in an interactive way as it exists in its natural settings in watercourses found in Ohio.

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