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  Huffman MetroPark
Huffman MetroPark
4439 Lower Valley Pike, Dayton, Ohio 45424
(937) 275-PARK (7275)
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MoMBA (MetroParks Mountain Biking Area)
Address: 4485 Union Road, Dayton, OH 45424

Trail Conditions
For up to date trail conditions and closures at MoMBA, please call 937-277-4374. Enjoy the Trails and "Get Out and Ride!"

About the Facility
This facility features the area’s first fully sustainable trail system designed to IMBA standards, specifically for mountain bike use. The area features great terrain and natural assets, including beautiful hardwoods, a rock-bottom creek, great hills and rock-filled ridge. Volunteers can help maintain this trail that provides over 8 miles of mountain biking opportunities for the most advanced to the novice rider.

In 2005, Five Rivers MetroParks entered a new era of public service when it established an active recreation initiative. The initiative was established to answer the region’s call for more recreational opportunities close to home. Constantly seeking new ways for people to get out and connect with the outdoors, Five Rivers MetroParks opened MoMBA (MetroParks Mountain Bike Area) in September of 2007 at Huffman MetroPark. MoMBA was the first of what will be a system of outdoor recreation-focused facilities that will give the residents of Montgomery County new and unique places to play outdoors.

Mountain Biking is Part of Conservation
Yes, today Five Rivers MetroParks sees mountain biking as part of their conservation mission. How can this be? Well, mountain biking has come a long way from its inception. Today there exists a philosophy of sustainable trail design and construction that guides mountain bike facility designers in how to lay out and construct trails that lie on the land lightly, prevent erosion and help manage riders through design. Developed by IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association), the same organization that helped MetroParks design MoMBA, this philosophy of contour trail design (trails that follow the contours of the land rather than simply moving from point A to B) came about in the depression era through organizations like the Conservation Civilian Corp, but until the 1990’s were lost to many trail builders. Using sustainable recreation policies MetroParks is able today to manage the land wisely, while allowing a new type of user to enjoy MetroParks and the benefits of active outdoor recreation.

Mountain Bikers Today
Of course if mountain biking has evolved so has the average mountain biker. While mountain biking may have an X Games/Mountain Dew reputation, in reality the local mountain bike community is made up of your neighbors and co-workers. In fact, the entire MoMBA trail system was cleared and finished by over 50 volunteers. Volunteers have set over 20 tons of rock and built over 800 feet of bridges and boardwalks. These volunteers, both women and men, girls and boys, 12 to 58 years old, many being professionals, engineers, artists and teachers have given thousand of hours of their time to create this facility.

Call for Community Partnership and Interaction
The outdoor recreation deptartment has a history of partnering with local outdoor organizations. We want MoMBA to be no exception. MoMBA was created to help connect people to the outdoors by giving them access to outdoor places to play. We also hope of course that MoMBA helps build the local mountain bike community by creating a place to learn, ride and connect with other riders close to home. We invite all local bike shops, clubs and enthusiasts to be a part of our efforts as we see all of you as an important part of a healthy cycling community.

To that end, we hope that MoMBA will become a gateway for interaction between mountain biking enthusiasts, clubs, and retailers; its grand opening will be a showcase to help you connect with regional enthusiasts. We invite all local cycling retailers and clubs to promote their activities, take part in opening festivities, lead rides and provide on-sitedemos and clinics. Five Rivers MetroParks' outdoor recreation department will be supporting this event with both electronic and print advertising and promotions. Free exhibit space is available on a first come first serve basis. Five Rivers MetroParks' outdoor recreation staff is available to support with any on-site needs.

Friends of MoMBA
  • MVMBA – Miami Valley Mountain Bike Association
  • CORA – Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance
  • OMBA – Ohio Mountain Bike Association
  • IMBA – International Mountain Bike Association
  • Spoke Junkies
  • Dirty Divas
Rider at MoMBA
Mountian Biking at Huffman MetroPark
MoMBA Master Plan
Mountain Bike Activities
Printable PDF MoMBA map
Address and Information
4485 Union Road, Dayton, OH 45424
(937) 277-4374

April 1 - Oct. 31: 8 AM - 10 PM
Nov. 1 - Feb. 1: 10 AM - 8 PM
Feb. 2 - March 31: 8 AM - 8 PM

Closed Christmas and New Year's Day

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"Protecting the region's natural heritage and providing outdoor experiences that inspire a personal connection with nature."
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