Published August 7, 2020

Virtual Art in the City with Five Rivers MetroParks

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A celebration of the arts, Virtual Art in the City features local artists, musicians, performances and more. MetroParks invites you to look at nature through an artistic lens. Learn about local wildlife and join us in creating crafts that encourage sustainability and use of natural materials. Get a sneak peek at some of your favorite urban parks, greenspaces and gardens. Head to MetroParks’ Facebook and watch the videos below for fun ways to explore art in nature.

An Artful Adventure from RiverScape MetroPark

Meredith, Doug and Shawna take you on an adventure, exploring the art, history and beautiful landscapes of MetroParks’ urban parks.

Learn more about RiverScape, Island, Wegerzyn and Deeds Point MetroPark, and the 2nd Street Market. Use the new Five Rivers MetroParks Mobile App powered by OuterSpatial to explore these parks and take a self-guided tour of the Inventors Walk at RiverScape MetroPark. Additionally, be sure to follow RiverScape MetroPark on Facebook to stay up-to-date on their offerings, including Virtual Fitness in the Park and a rotation of food trucks available during the work week.

Make Your Own Bird Feeder

Mary Beth shows us how to craft and decorate a bird feeder using household materials.

MetroParks educators offer great ideas that help parents and teachers incorporate fun activities with nature exploration and education. Be sure to follow Five Rivers MetroParks on Facebook and YouTube to continue to have more hands-on fun. Teachers can sign up for MetroParks’ educator newsletter for more educational, nature-based ideas.

Garden Fare – Twist, Pull, Pinch or Tug?

How do we harvest our garden? Mary Beth creates and performs a song that helps families explore, taste and experience their backyard gardens.

Whether you are a budding gardener or have cultivated a very green thumb, MetroParks has resources to offer. Sign up for MetroParks gardening newsletter for monthly how-tos, seasonal projects and more. MetroParks also invites you to follow its gardening Facebook page.

Get some in-person gardening inspiration by visiting MetroParks’ garden parks: Aullwood Garden, Wegerzyn Gardens and Cox Arboretum MetroParks.

Finding Peace in Nature

Take a peaceful nature break and enjoy the sounds of a running stream and kalimba.

Spending time in nature often means you’re spending time actively recreating, which is great for your physical wellness. Time outdoors also offers a host of benefits for your mind, from reduced stress to better sleep. Learn more about the benefits of spending time enjoying nature.

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Make a Fairy Mud Garden

Doug invites you to play in the mud! Use natural materials you can find in your back yard to create a mud fairy garden! 

No materials? No problem! MetroParks now offers take-home program kits that cover a variety of topics, from recreation to gardening. Most kits are $5 and are available once a month for contactless pick up. This month’s kits feature a variety of offerings, including cork husk dolls, and will be available on Aug. 20. Reservations can be made online beginning mid-August.

Nature From a Bird’s Eye View

Doug and Ruby the red-tailed hawk explore beautiful views and discuss the many benefits of spending time outdoors in nature.

Interested in finding interesting wildlife in MetroParks? See how many impressive birds you can spot at Englewood, Wegerzyn and Taylorsville MetroParks.

MetroParks Art in Nature

Betty and Shawna invite you to explore the beautiful shapes, colors and patterns at Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark. Next, head to Adventure Central at Wesleyan MetroPark, where Angela shows you how to make a leaf rubbing with a wall-worthy piece of art made from natural materials.

Pollinators love beautiful blooms like those featured in the video above. See if you can head to one of MetroParks’ many prairies for a prairie scavenger hunt.

Peaceful Vegetable Garden

Enjoy the relaxing tunes of the kalimba and see how many vegetables you recognize in the garden. Gardening feeds your body and time spend in nature feeds your mind, helping to alleviate stress and promote relaxation.

If you don’t have an at-home garden for all your fresh produce, consider visiting the 2nd Street Market’s outdoor Market on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Buying fresh produce from local growers supports small business owners and is often healthier and less taxing on the environment. Learn more.

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