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Five Rivers MetroParks strives to be an active force in the community. Below, you may find our press releases, staff articles and other messages that get picked up by the media.

Get Out & Explore Your MetroParks with Staff and Volunteer Experts Yvonne Entingh’s passion for backpacking began with an introductory program hosted by MetroParks. As MetroParks’ outdoor recreation specialists shared their personal adventures on the trails, how-tos and examples of what to pack, her interest continued to grow. Entingh recalled a MetroParks backpacking program that […]

Safety may not be the first thing on your mind when you head outdoors to bike, paddle, hike or picnic, but you need to be prepared for anything! Prepare yourself by taking part in a wilderness first aid courses this spring, brought to you by Five Rivers MetroParks and Wilderness Medical Associates. Wilderness Medicine Open Recertification […]

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