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Five Rivers MetroParks strives to be an active force in the community. Below, you may find our press releases, staff articles and other messages that get picked up by the media.

Indoor plants: Bring your ornamentals — like spider plants, ferns, ficus, rubber plants, tropical hibiscus and potted herbs — inside before the first killing frost. Water them heavily about two weeks before the frost to kill insects and disease, and re-pot the ones that have outgrown their containers. Remember, these plants will likely go into shock […]

Last year, Janice Mittelkamp saw a documentary called “Lives Well Lived,” and the next day she applied for a horticulture position at Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark. Mittelkamp had been a landscape architect since 1990 and she liked her job, but after she heard the elderly adults in the film talk about how important it is to love […]

Despite a few last-gasp winter temperatures, March was a good month to start getting ready for gardening season. Now, you should be all set to finish prepping so that in May you can hit the ground with the rest of your planting. Inside jobs It’s too early to put summer bulbs like caladiums and tuberous […]

Even the mid-30s and low 40s forecast for early February are going to feel balmy compared with those Polar Vortex temps, won’t they? Relatively milder days can give you a much-needed energy boost — so channel it into some serious garden planning. Here’s an easy checklist to get you through the last full month of […]

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