July 12 2019

Farm Spotlight: Corner Hill Farm

Brad and Rebecca Garrett did a thing that it seems like only people on television do: They sold their suburban house, left their 9-to-5 careers and bought a farm.

“Some people talk about doing things like this,” Brad jokes. “We’re just crazy enough to do it.” But three years into their quest for a more fulfilling life, the owners of Corner Hill Farm — an outdoor vendor at the 2nd Street Market — say they couldn’t be happier.

The couple, who have been together since 2000, started thinking about farming several years ago when healthy eating became a priority for them. The more serious they got about changing their lifestyle, the more interested they got about digging in to the sustainable farming movement, Brad says. So they researched and studied and they looked for farmland, eventually settling on 10 acres in New Vienna.

The farm, named literally for the peak of the slope it’s on, has grown to a half-acre since the Garretts starting growing vegetables in 2017. And they’ve been on board at the Market since it started its Sunday hours in 2017. They sell a distinct salad mix — their most popular produce, Rebecca says — as well as squash, peppers, garlic, cucumbers, tomatoes and more.

Corner Hill also provides farm-to-table produce to local restaurants and shops. They’re proud of what they’ve accomplished and contributed to the local food scene — and now they can even boast a Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) certification. CNG farmers don’t use synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or GMOs.

The Garretts appreciate the chance to be part of the Market vendor family. Says Brad, “It’s a great opportunity to provide our fresh locally grown produce at the 2nd Street Market, which supports the local community.”

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