August 15 2019

Employee Spotlight: Sherman Howard

You’ve probably seen him doing his facilities rounds at the 2nd St. Market, easily smiling and making his way calmly through the crowds to take care of the next task, one of many he’s probably already done since he unlocked the doors at 5:30 AM.

Sherman Howard is the backbone of the Market, say Market staff and business owners. As the custodial tech, he’s the first person there every day and the first person vendors go to when they have a question or a problem or need an extra hand. “Sherman has always been willing and able to help whenever asked,” says Hedy Riegle, owner of Hedy Riegle Studio. “He is kind and genuine and treats vendors and customers with the utmost respect. Sherman is a true asset to the Market.”

Howard is also the longest-serving of the Market’s five employees — having started in 2013, but he’s short on words when it comes to talking about his work. We asked him to describe what he does, and he said, “general housekeeping.” That’s too modest, says Market Manager Lynda Suda. Howard does everything from helping vendors unload products to solving issues with building maintenance. “We always go to Sherman first when the plumbing or HVAC has a problem,” Suda says. “He’s really good at coming up with creative solutions and readily goes above and beyond his assigned duties. We all have so much respect for Sherman and feel grateful to have him on the Market staff.”

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