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House and garden at Possum Creek

Visitors to the farm at Possum Creek MetroPark may have noticed changes occurring over the last few years. These changes are part of the park’s transition from a sustainable agricultural farm to a center for food systems education. The farm is envisioned as a hub for people to discuss, explore and learn about local food, and local and global environmental issues related to food, including:

  • Growing fruits and vegetables
  • Raising small livestock
  • Beekeeping
  • Preparing and preserving the harvest
  • Community gardening

Demonstration areas and a variety of gardening and cooking programs allow visitors to gain hands-on farming experience, experientially explore their personal connection to food and the land and positively contribute to food security in our greater community. The farm helps further MetroParks’ goal of taking conservation and sustainability beyond parks and into the community. The time is ripe to be part of the growing sustainable food movement!

Small Breeds for Small Spaces

We feature animals at the farm appropriate for use on small acreage (with the exception of the donkey!). We keep chickens, turkeys, rabbits, goats and sheep, which provide meat, milk, eggs or fiber. Most are heritage breeds, bred over time for desired characteristics, such as fertility, foraging ability, maternal instincts, and resistance to disease and parasites. Visit our animals from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM every day the park is open. Or join us for a class to learn some of the basics of raising small animals or bees.

Demonstration Gardens

Our demonstration gardens are located at the farm, directly across from the farmhouse. Our raised beds are planted to maximize yield in a small space. We mix in fruits, flowers and some perennial goodies like strawberries, gooseberries, and asparagus. Besides being delicious, these additions encourage pollinators and biodiversity in the garden. From our deer fence hung on locust posts to our “lasagna”-style beds made with mostly free ingredients to our wood chip paths, our demonstration garden is a low cost example of how you can raise food in small spaces.

Garden Plots Available

There are 90 garden plots available to grow your own food near the farm. Learn more about garden plot rentals.

Grounded and Growing

Grounded and Growing is a farm-to-market teen leadership program for kids ages 12-15. Participants grow food while learning valuable skills in business, communication, leadership, problem-solving, nutrition and cooperation. Youth selected for the program are expected to attend all summer sessions of the program.

Learn more about the Grounded and Growing program.

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