2021 Passport to MetroParks

2021 Passport to MetroParks is your travel document to local nature-based adventures — and a fun game challenging you to collect as many Passport stamps as possible! You might even want to create a friendly challenge with family and friends to see who can collect the most stamps by the end of summer.

Check back throughout the Summer, as new activities and places to travel become available from our Nature is Open blog.

Passport to MetroParks is sponsored by Homelight.

How to Play Passport to MetroParks

  • You’ll find a variety of outdoor activities you can enjoy in a MetroPark, your favorite greenspace or your back yard throughout our Summer issue of ParkWays, along with new activities periodically added to our blog.
  • Look for the Passport logo in ParkWays and the Nature is Open blog to learn how many stamps you can earn for each activity you complete.
  • You’ll find Passport stamps on this webpage as well as in ParkWays. Cut them out and paste them in this magazine or use recycled materials, such as paper or cardboard, to create a poster where you can paste and display your stamps.
  • Take photos as you complete activities and post them to social media with the hashtag #Passport2MetroParks. We’ll share some of our favorites on MetroParks’ social media channels, too!
  • Show off all the amazing outdoor spaces in our region that make Dayton the Outdoor Adventure Capital of the Midwest!

Need another passport?

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Stamp Sheets

Additional stamps are available for the well-traveled. Download

Passport Activities & News

from the Nature is Open Blog

Keep on growing: Second season in the garden

Hot weather crops, such as peppers and tomatoes, are getting ripe and popping up left and right in your garden. In case you were thinking about winding down, think again: You can keep the gardening fun going into fall with cooler-season vegetables and herbs.

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Firefly populations are dwindling. Here’s how you can help

Those who have spent many summer evenings outside may have noticed that there aren’t quite as many fireflies as there once were. Indeed, firefly species are dwindling due to many factors, including use of pesticides and habitat loss. Learn more about one of nature’s coolest glowing creatures and how you can help protect their homes.

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Keeping it wild

Chances are, if you’ve been in your MetroParks this season you’ve spotted wildlife, perhaps even an adorable baby animal. Spring is when many animals mate and give birth to little ones. While spotting any animal in the wild can be exciting, there a few things to...

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Grow your own with a Victory Garden this summer

Grow your own with a Victory Garden this summer

Whether you have some extra time at home and are looking for a new hobby or need to supplement your pantry out of necessity, gardening is a great way to stay physically active, enjoy the outdoors and reward yourself with healthy produce. For nearly 80 years, Americans...

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Paddle safe this season

It’s getting warmer and you might be ready to boat – but do you have everything you need for a fun, safe paddling or boating experience? Watch our outdoor recreation team teach you how to prepare to paddle: Whether you are a seasoned paddler or new to the water, you...

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