Cox Arboretum Rentals

Enter the Arboretum where serenity and peace abound. Surround yourself with breathtaking vistas of natural beauty.

Outdoor Venues

The Allée

The Allée features a covered arbor and more than 100 kousa dogwoods, planted in two double rows to provide a natural aisle. The dogwoods bloom in late May to early June, lasting up to a month. Burgundy fall color adds extra seasons of beauty. This venue accommodates up to 200 guests and includes electricity. This location has the option to rent chairs.

The Great Lawn

Located next to the Zorniger Education Center, the Great Lawn provides a breathtaking view of the Arboretum grounds. This venue includes a tent that can be arranged with rows of chairs for a wedding ceremony or round tables and chairs for a wedding reception and can accommodate up to 300 guests. Included with the rental are the Fifth Third Conference Center and Huffman Gallery.

Edible Landscape Garden Pavilion (ELG)

The design of the Pavilion, a wooden structure with limestone columns, carries the overall architectural theme of the education campus into the gardens. An arbor and gate at the entrance lead visitors into the ELG and provide an attractive first glimpse of the Pavilion and the surrounding plantings. This venue accommodates up to 200 guests and includes electricity. This location has the option to rent chairs.

Indoor Venues

Fifth Third Conference Center

The exposed natural white fir ceiling and large stone fireplace create a “lodge” feel, with a twin fireplace outside on the patio. Lined with windows, the Center overlooks the Arboretum and features a dance floor and state-of-the-art audiovisual system. This venue accommodates up to 100 guests banquet style and up to 175 guests theatre style. Using the Huffman Gallery in addition to this room can accommodate larger gatherings.

Huffman Gallery

Visitors enter the Huffman Gallery and are greeted with a sweeping view of the Arboretum and gardens through the glass walls lining the Gallery from end to end. The floor of the Huffman Gallery is a natural cleft dark green slate. This venue accommodates approximately 100 guests reception style and 150 guests for a wedding ceremony.

MeadWestvaco Theatre

The theatre-in-the-round design of the MeadWestvaco Theatre, with elevated, tiered seating, is optimal for presentations and demonstrations. An ideal venue for corporate presentations, meetings, training and other educational events, this facility accommodates 48 guests and includes state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment.

Kettering Learning Lab

The Kettering Learning Lab features a domed ceiling, dark green natural cleft slate floors, tables and windows on three sides. Its location provides the campus's most comprehensive and captivating view of the Arboretum grounds, making it the perfect meeting space for small groups of up to 26 guests.

Rental Guidelines

For information on rental guidelines please contact the Events Coordinator at (937) 278-2657 to schedule an appointment.

Food & Beverage

When food and/or beverages are a component of an approved event, use of one of our approved caterers is required.

Approved vendors:

  • Bernstein’s Fine Catering (937) 898-2761
  • Brock Masterson’s Catering (937) 298-1234
  • Christopher’s Catering (937) 299-0089
  • Elite Catering (937) 559-4590
  • El Meson Catering (937) 859-8229
  • Mrs. B’s Catering (937) 676-2883
  • Welton’s Catering (937) 848-2381

Fees charged for catering are not included in the facility rental fee and are to be obtained directly from the caterer. Please contact our approved caterers for specific information. The catering agreement is separate from the rental contract. The grounds and buildings including the kitchen facilities are not available for food preparation and storage by groups or individuals. No grills or open fires are permitted on the grounds. The caterer is responsible for setup and cleanup for all events or rentals in which they provide service.

Boxed lunches, bottled or canned drinks and snacks may be brought in for daytime business rentals. This must be approved by the Building Manager or Events Coordinator prior to the event. The renter is responsible for all cleanup when this option is used.

Alcoholic Beverages
The sale, consumption or use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited unless specifically permitted by the Director of Five Rivers MetroParks. The purchase of alcoholic beverages must be coordinated through the caterer. If such approval is granted, it is required that the caterer and all groups or individuals abide by all current Ohio liquor laws and assume all responsibility for violations of said laws. Serving of alcohol will terminate no less than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled event ending time. The caterer or MetroParks law enforcement or staff reserve the right to refrain from serving any individual based on behavior or actions related to intoxication or suspected intoxication.

Events with alcohol as a component will require the presence of a Five Rivers MetroParks’ law enforcement office for the duration of the event at a separate rate of $35 per hour with said payment made directly to Five Rivers MetroParks. Alcohol is to be confined to the rental area(s) and must not leave the premises. The renter is responsible for assuring guests arrive home safely.

Fundraising events with an admission charge in which alcohol will be served or sold at a cash bar must have a liquor permit and liability insurance. A copy of the permit and insurance certificate must be on file at Cox Arboretum no later than one (1) week prior to the event date. Failure to have this information will result in the absence of alcohol during the event. The renter is required to abide by all current Ohio liquor laws and assume all responsibility for violations of said laws.

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